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Software project KPIs that really matter for customers

Starting a software project, it is wise to track its health and progress rather than just awaiting how it all ends. This is where key performance indicators (KPIs) come to the rescue.Software project KPIs are certain metrics that enable you to measure crucial aspects during the entire software development pipeline. This way you get a full understanding of how efficiently your project is progressing. Besides, armed with these indicators, you can identify certain project issues on the go and start fixing them on the early stage.

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How to prepare an effective request for quotation in software development

The request for quotation (RFQ) can be regarded both as a procedure of choosing a vendor for a software project and a paper that contains an invitation to bid. For software outsourcing companies, it stays as a formal ask «What will be the price if I handle over my software project to you?». Here, we […]

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Cost factors of outsourced software development projects: part II

Definitely, when walking through long rows of companies that provide software development outsourcing services, you have already noticed that one vendor charges $20 per hour while another $50 or even $150. Why their rates differ? Does this mean that those with $150 ensure better quality than those of just $20? Or, does this mean that […]

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Cost factors of outsourced software development projects: part I

How much does outsourced software development project cost? Well, it depends. Simply put, project costs depend on two main factor groups: Project scope required to get a solution that meets your spec Labor rates a software outsourcing company charges No matter what pricing model (fixed-price, time and material, or even a dedicated development team) you […]

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Software development outsourcing models: pricing

The choice between different software development outsourcing models touches not only financial questions. In other words, this is not only about pricing. It touches also such aspects as project management, control, and versatility in terms of changing project scope as the whole. In this post, we explain the difference between the three pricing models in […]

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