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How To Find a Reliable Partner For IT Outsourcing: a Step-By-Step Guide

Selecting an IT outsourcing company is a task of great responsibility. Choose the wrong one, and you may end with a poor result, broken deadlines, and even project disruption. The whole procedure may seem complicated and daunting to you. Especially, when it is your first time and you do not yet know all the nuances. […]

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5 risks and challenges in software developments outsourcing

Despite all the huge benefits software development outsourcing may provide, it is also associated with many risks and challenges. So, let’s discuss the most common outsourcing pitfalls and find a way to mitigate their worst effects. 3 common communication risks and challenges Two-thirds of misunderstanding issues with outsourcing comes from poor communication. It seems so […]

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Outsourcing vs in-house software development: what to choose?

Basically, when you need to get software tailored to your needs, you have two options: in-house software development and outsourcing. So, in this post, we will cover all some cases and find out pros and cons of these two options to help you make the right decision. When in-house development is your ideal option Here […]

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Benefits of software development outsourcing

Benefits of software development outsourcing Software development outsourcing is a widespread practice. But why is it so popular? What is its economic rationale? To catch the idea, let’s discuss the common advantages you can get with software development outsourcing services. Lower labor costs Labor costs stand for expenses you incur to pay for a job […]

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