From Legacy Application Modernization
And Security Testing

To Custom CRM / ERP Development
And Other Servies


Unceasingly hone our workflow to give you top-notch deliverables

When it comes to custom software development, there are no two similar projects. Thus, our workflow can differ significantly, adjusting itself to your exact case.
What remains unchanged is our goal. And our goal is to bring you deliverables of exceptional quality, high value, and built-in update features where applicable.

Agile or SDLC?

Being flexible to the core, we stand tall on the agile approach with its CD/CI. However, we are willing to shift to a traditional software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology if this benefits your project and cover your exact requirements the best way.

The way we spring

Working over your project within SCRUM-development, we run iterations that involve the following activities:
Thus, every two weeks we are ready to deliver your intermediate results of our work. So, you can always evaluate our KPIs and know the progress scope instead of paying into the void.

And what about communication?

At SOFTENQ, we believe the success lays not only in our excellent niche skills that enable us to accomplish the task prompt, right, and efficiently. But it also hides in establishing strong communication to keep the process fully transparent for you. Weekly meetings are what you will appreciate in terms of exercising your control over your project.
Stay always updated. Ask your questions. We are in weekly touch.

What will be at the end?

At the end will be a happy end. When the final build is executed, we deploy the app in production and give over the source code to you.
We do sure your business will raise its value with the software we build for you.