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Agile development to deliver valuable solutions

Time does not run but rushes. Requests or your customers are increasing every second of time. That’s why time to market matters today even more than a year ago. That’s why it becomes hard to identify all the features once and for all at the start. At SOFTENQ, we walk a path of Agile development methodology to save your time, efforts, and money while giving you all the means to get software of great value.

What you get with Agile software development

To put it short, when you avail of agile processing, you enjoy all the advantages of iterative and incremental development:
Short-cycled (sprint) development with a valuable application at the end of each sprint
Welcomed, easily accepted, and successfully proceeded changes at each development stage
You do not have to wait long months to get a product at your disposal and only then try it out. In contrast, you get its first working prototype, a minimum viable product, within the first two or four weeks and its enhanced version every next two weeks. Thus, you can already try it out, for example, gather user feedbacks and analyze its economic viability. If changes and new features arise to implement, you can always add them to the list (product backlog) at the end of each sprint.

Strong collaboration and control for achieving high value in the final build

Our cross-functional team is great at self-organizing. We tackle the sprint tasks at its best that makes it possible to apply an agile development approach itself. Still, to establish efficient collaboration and ensure your rights as a product owner, we run spring meetings at the time convenient for you.
Here, you can discuss the results, make alterations and adjunctions, exercise control in the form of KPIs. For example, it could include:
Efficiency metrics (Velocity and Work-in-Progress)
Forecasting metrics (capacity and number of tasks for the next sprint)
Quality metrics (tasks and time for reworking)
Value metrics (individual for each project, but reflects its value for an end user)
To sum up, following agile development approach, we perform constant delivery and ensure maximum adaptability to your needs. Thus, in the final build, you get features that really have value.