From Legacy Application Modernization
And Security Testing

To Custom CRM / ERP Development
And Other Servies


A database developer also matters

Looking for a credible company to accomplish database development for your web or mobile application as well as for your enterprise software? Look no further than SOFTENQ.

Our solid industry expertise enables us to select a database that is appropriate for your project. To deliver you the product that exactly covers your business needs and requirements, we follow the best rules and practices. As a result, you get a data processing and storage solution that is:
Easy to maintain

Database analysis and designing

Our engineers thoroughly study your business environment and its current challenges. This enables us to identify requirements for your database. Due to our profound domain expertise, we are also great at identifying future possible challenges and requirements to arise.

You can be sure we clearly define the scope and design flawless business logic for the solution.

Database implementation and testing

Developing a database, we pay close attention to providing strong compliance with security standards, including data encryption, secure connection, and designated access rights. We exploit vetted data caching techniques along with robust architecture to ensure the data storage and processing meet all your business requirements.

When it comes to testing procedures, we abide by the cost-saving rule “the earlier and more often the better”. Thus, we manage to identify the security and performance issues at an early stage of database development. As a result, we do not accumulate bugs and vulnerabilities but solve these issues in time.

Dealing with a legacy database

If your present database is not in line with modern requirements or poor in its performance or scalability, our developers are happy to be of service to you as well. We carefully plan and accomplish migration and stay responsible for the integrity and consistency of your data.

So, email us at to augment your team or handle your project. To facilitate our communication, please arrange an appointment via this calendar.