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Emerging the boundaries of in-house production and outsourcing

Do you need a dedicated development team for your project? To verify your needs, please answer the following questions:
Do you have a large project?
May new features emerge during its development?
Do you want to get a high-end software product that encompasses all these features and keeps users satisfied?
Do you want to enjoy absolutely transparent and easy-to-understand pricing?
Are you interested in a hassle-free long-term partnership?
If your answers to these questions are positive, hiring a dedicated development team (DDT) would be a great choice. At SOFTENQ, we are happy to provide you with the best we have empowering you with full control.

Get help with your large projects

Large projects have a lot of unknowns. Even if you have a detailed vision, alterations are inevitable. The nature of such alterations could be different and so the challenges are. The most exciting example is when you start with just a plugin and end up with a stand-alone app. Not to mention new features that always emerge in progress.

With our development team fully and truly dedicated to your needs, you will overcome all the challenges. Need to tackle extra tasks and speed up the project execution? We will ramp up the team and assign extra testers or/and developers. Need to develop something bigger? We will readjust the team once again and as many times as you need.

Your HR management boundaries within the project

While administration is entirely our responsibility with control fully on your side, you have the freedom to select who will be in charge of managing the team. Here you have two options. In other words, you can take an active part in HR-management or leave it to us.

Extended Dedicated development Team

If you have sources and desire to manage the team by yourself, choose an extended DDT model. In this case, you can apply all the principles of your inner HR management policy. If you do not have to increase salary to your manager or incur other explicit expenses this approach promises to be cost-saving within the project.

Managed Dedicated development Team

If you do not want to bother yourself with management tasks, you can give them away to us. We have great system of incentives and other tools to maximize DDT performance. Choosing managed dedicated development team, your expenses will be just a little higher, but you will get time to focus on other important tasks. But keep in mind, time is money.
Be sure, no matter whatever approach you will prefer, you are always welcome to contribute in the procedure of establishing KPIs to measure efficiency of the engineers engaged.

Enjoy greater results and faster delivery

In fact, when you hire a dedicated development team, you can regard them as your in-house project group located outside your company.

Working for you full-time, our engineers devote themselves to your tasks and projects exclusively. They do not have to split their time between your job and someone else’s, skipping from task to task. As a result, you get their greater involvement in your software development process and faster delivery. Their deeper integration into your environment, as well as a deeper understanding of your product and your needs, lead to greater ideas and greater results.

Besides, as it always comes with long-term relationships, each and every member of a dedicated development team gets fused with your company’s goals, values, and software development peculiarities. This increases their desire to be proactive and offer more effective solutions.

Save money

Outsourcing is always connected with your opportunities to save money. With our dedicated team, you get not the opportunities but the facts.

Project overheads are not your worries

First, you don’t have to invest in building infrastructure for the project group. Thus, you save money on:
Premises rent to provide facilities to work in
Equipment purchase to provide facilities to work on
Network establishment for software developers to communicate
Besides, you do not have to pay your operational and accounting management for strategic and routine tasks concerning the software development project. This includes your savings on such operations as:
Team recruiting and team building
Payroll and taxation
So, with us, you will have lower overheads and lower total costs of ownership. This cut may reach up to 30% of your project expenses.

Cost-effective solutions are at your disposal

Interested in long-term partnerships, we think first about your needs and the ways to cover them with as little expenses from your side as possible. Be sure, we are always in search of healthy ways to address the issue instead of just scaling the team up. Keep in mind we not reduce the scope of project but simplify a path to its deployment.

For example, if we understand the use of Qt framework may help to achieve the same results with lower costs, we will apply this solution. What does it mean for you? The most important thing is that you do not have to pay for a bigger team and your expenses will be much lower.
This cut may reach up to 45% of your contract value.

Multiply greater and faster results onto your budget-cutting benefits and you will get the full picture of how our dedicated developers increase your ROI. Call us at +1-205-846-5575 to discuss your project and hire a dedicated team.