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Develop your mobile app with a reliable company

At SOFTENQ, we are ready to provide mobile app development services. Come to us if you need to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android-based devices:
If your business desire to harvest high product functionality along with its simple use and great user engagement, come to us a fortiori.

When you need our mobile app development services

Your business may target various challenges to overcome with a mobile application:
Coordinate some of your business task flows
Promote your business by achieving greater customer loyalty
Enrich your marketing tools and boost your sales
We strive to dig deep into mastering native languages (for example, Swift for iOS and Java for Android operating system) as well as now popular and already vetted frameworks (with React Native as an example). Thus, we are ready to deliver low-code reliable native and cross-platform solutions within each of the following tasks:
Development of a new mobile application from scratch to help you realize the best of this channel to the market success
Customization of your existing mobile application to increase its value and adjusting it to the modern challenges
Code analysis to identify and fix errors and vulnerabilities of your existing solution

Main principles of our mobile app developers

Do you need a simple product with just a few screens and narrow-ranged functionality? Or, perhaps, your business requires an end-to-end solution with many screens and branched functionality? In both cases, you can count on our talented and agile mobile app developers.

We do guarantee we develop each and every mobile solution standing by a “low-cost but high-value” approach. To achieve this, we follow three main principles:
Choose the solution that meets your challengers (hardware specification, configuration, the desired functionality, etc) with minimal development cost and time spending
Sprint-based backend и frontend coding for prototyping and evolving
Early start for debugging and testing with integrated or standalone debuggers and test coverage
Thus, for all the products that are under our pen, we do guarantee high security (including data encryption for user personal information), great engaging performance, and optimal utilization of device resources.
If this is what you are looking for, send us your RFQ and feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or book an online meeting