From Legacy Application Modernization
And Security Testing

To Custom CRM / ERP Development
And Other Servies


Software development outsourcing: stable, reliable, and result-oriented

As a software development outsourcing vendor, SOFTENQ is here to innovate your digitally and give you dedicated IT assistance and solution. With us, you relieve from your shoulders a burden of establishing a strong digital environment and enlarge your IT resources. In other words, we are here to take over your development projects (fully or partially, depending on your needs) and enhance your team with our pool of professionals.

What IT services you can outsource to us

Each project is unique. And we are skilled and experienced to tackle full-cycle software development. Of course, always transparent, ready to discuss and share information, committed to your business value. White box is what we offer and the CI/CD is the way we work to deliver end-to-end digital solutions that last for years.

Still, the list of stages involved in software development is general. Some of them are routine. And we will be happy to assist you on each stage in separate, if you face the challenges here. Besides, you may face an issue with a product build and deployed long ago. Our team is ready to assist you there as well. So, come to us with just one or a whole bunch of the following taskflows:
Evolving and greater customization of your existing IT product
Dealing with legacy applications
Testing your software
Building modules and libraries
Fixing bugs
Just coding
Have digital tasks that are not covered in this list? Welcome! Your needs are our concern. Get connected to discuss your challenges and together we will find the best way to solve them.

Our strong commitments

You get a pro to work with

Our team is a team of professionals. Each and every our engineer has deep knowledge and domain expertise, great niche skills, and vast experience. Our tech stack is strong both at the backend and frontend. Yes, we know what we do, we build the right things, and we build them right from the first time.

You get high work performance in no time

We pick things up quickly, learn fast, and dig deep. Thus, it takes us a little time to understand your outsourced product and development process in detail. To understand and adjust our activity so we will cope with all your requirements and tasks you give over us. As a result, a preliminary stage of our active assistance is short. Yes, we are ready to start your project as fast as you provide us all the necessary information.

You get strong communication and good collaboration

We speak your language. Both literally and figuratively. Our team lead has great communication skills in English. We are agile and open to discussion, always succeed in understanding your vision and explaining our one. At last, we can use all cutting-edge frameworks and messengers to get integrated into your project. Partnering with us, you will never suffer from poor communication and deep uncertainty. Yes, we do apply agile methods and Scrum for project management. We do establish strong communication, which we both know to be essential for good collaboration.

You get a team what works within your deadline

Your deadline does matter. Once discussed, it becomes one of our cornerstones to stick to. When you outsource your software project to us, you can be sure project disruption will not be your case. We work efficiently and can scale our team engaged in the project if necessary. Yes, we deliver the desired result on time.

So, if you are looking for a reliable software outsourcing vendor, look no further than SOFTENQ. Get in touch with us at +1-205-846-5575 or email us at