Software Testing and QA

Software testing for getting a quality product

Software testing is a must when it comes to creating web or mobile applications, plugins, extensions, and any other IT products. Ignore putting your solution under the test and you will have no idea about what bugs are hiding, how they can affect its functionality and performance. As a result, you get the product of poor quality and low value. Besides, scalability may have certain issues as well.

When hire us as a software testing company?

Depending on your needs and capabilities, you are welcome to opt one of the following options:
  • Give the entire testing procedure from A to Z under our management
  • Augment your team with one or more of our engineers
  • Hire a dedicated team for your large project

Considering the exact time to apply for our testing services, we recommend you to settle our engagement as early as you start your project.

In the early days of software development era, when engineers exploited a waterfall model predominantly, testing was a matter of the last stages of the development process. Now, the needs for custom apps and programs are at their rise and the agile approach proves to serve these needs in the best way. Therefore, it is highly important to accomplish the task at its first sprint to debug the issue. It enables you to lower your total expenses whilst cutting your time to market.

How our QA and software testing services help you release an IT solution of high value

Our software testers exploit various types and methodologies to find bugs, bottlenecks, and vulnerabilities. Building efficient test coverage, we help you deliver great results.

Our experience and expertise reach and go beyond the following types of software testing:

  • Smoke testing
  • Interoperability and regression testing
  • Performance and security testing

At SOFTENQ, we are happy to assist your developers by tackling a wide range of tasks that include but are not limited to:

  • Creating scripts to automate iterative process of software testing
  • Building entire systems to monitor functionality issues and error handling
  • Testing your software manually, where other means are too “out of the box” and don’t work

To talk about the possibility to engage our programmers into your project, drop us a line at or call us at +1-205-846-5575. Our meeting in Zoom can be the first step in establishing our efficient collaboration.