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Web application development: for today, tomorrow, and tons of years

Top-notch web application development services require a “think-global-act-local” approach. And this is the approach we follow to bring you a solution of high value.

Our main goal is building a web application with as much functionality as the case requires, build it as fast as possible, and build it to be secured at the highest level.

Taking the best of languages, frameworks, and an MVC pattern

We strive to put all the experience and knowledge, accumulated within various IT communities, at the service of your business. Therefore, regarding the case, we select the language and take full advantage of using frameworks. For example, it could be:
React JS for JavaScript
Django for Python
Ruby on Rails for Ruby
Spring for Java
With any of these frameworks, we implement the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern to divide program logic. This way we significantly decrease the risks of development mistakes, develop easy-to-read architecture, and organize a smooth and efficient app-database interaction.

Paying great attention to the architecture

The architecture is the king. Carefully selected, it ensures high scalability and great performance together with easy maintenance in the future. Apps with poor architecture are not only hard to evolve but result in low scalability and require too many resources to maintain it at a great working state.

At SOFTENQ, we carefully examine the architecture options and methods to select the most appropriate one. Due to our extensive practice, we perfectly know that simple solutions could be great for small and simple tasks but wouldn’t work efficiently for more complex ones. Especially, when this web application is expected to endure high loads. Therefore, we adjust architecture in accordance with a project we develop.

In other words, the solutions we bring totally comply with technical requirements for building strong and impeccable business logic. This guarantees the right approach to web app development to create its potential for future growth, up-date, and alterations.

Writing code for peoples, not only for machines and algorithms

We are highly aware a web app is not a static tool that can accompany your business growth forever without any changes. In contrast, we understand the importance of delivering a product that you can easily maintain and evolve when your business scales and new requirements arise.

Thus, we stick to coding guidelines and standards coherent with the language we employ for the exact project and use intuitive variables. As a result, you can be sure the code we produce is:
Clean and consistent
Organized and optimized
Easy to read and understand
This aspect is of great importance as it shortens a learning curve for other engineers to deal with the app and provides its easy maintenance, possibilities for future growth and evolution.

Do you feel this is what you need? If so, let’s meet in a Zoom room to talk your project over! Also, we will be happy to get your call or email.